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        Modern web design starting at

        Our Mission:

        "To provide high quality web design services at a competitive price."

        Our Vision:

        "To revolutionize the digital landscape by creating visually stunning web designs that empower businesses."

        Gain analytical insights


        satisfied clients

        50 years

        of combined experience


        4.6 billion people use the internet

        Enhance your brand's credibility

        Showcase your business 24/7

        Stay one step ahead of the competition

        Driving Conversions and Sales

        The Benefits of a Website.

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        The Process. Start to Finish.


        Pick a Web Design Plan

        We offer a variety of plans to suit any budget and purpose. Each and every website is tailored to fit your needs.


        AvallonOne Dashboard

        The AvallonOne dashboard makes it easy to keep tabs on your website, track its progress, and communicate with your developer.


        Yes! It's that easy

        Our team of designers will work with you to create a website that is unique to your brand and tailored to your business needs.


        Emails, Domains, Maintenance & More!

        Need a little more than web design? We got you covered! We also offer maintenance plans, emails, and domains. 


        Complete online branding




        For simple websites and small businesses.




        For small to medium sized-businesses.




        For rapid growth and expansive functionality.



        Number of Pages
        Custom-Made Website
        Responsive Design For All Devices
        Contact Forms
        E-commerce (receive payments)
        Weekly Analytics Reports
        Custom JavaScript Frameworks
        Accounts & Log In Feature

        See more features

        BEST VALUE

        How it works
        Maintenance Plans


        Maintenance &

        Updating Services



        Keep your site updated

        Our team of experts will handle all the updates and maintenance for you, ensuring your website is always running smoothly and leaving a lasting impression.

        Custom Email Addresses Available

        Less on your plate

        Our subscription service ensures hassle-free maintenance, letting you focus on what matters most in your life.

        Domain Registration + Hosting

        Frequently Asked Questions

        • Who is AvallonOne?
          We are a professional web design agency that specializes in creating stunning and functional websites for businesses and individuals. Find out more about us here!
        • How does AvallonOne work?
          A video explanation of how our process works can be found here! It's easy! Select a pricing plan that best suits your needs. If you haven't already created an account with AvallonOne, you will be prompted to do so before your purchase. After your purchase, you will be assigned your very own web developer! That's right, your very own web developer that will be responsible for all your web development needs. You will keep in contact with your web developer and monitor status updates to your website via your AvallonOne Dashboard! (Note: your AvallonOne Dashboard was automatically created for you once you purchased a website)
        • What are the different web design packages available at AvallonOne?
          The different web design packages that we offer are available here!
        • What are the key features of AvallonOne's web design services?
          Our web design services include responsive and mobile-friendly designs, intuitive user interfaces, visually appealing layouts, effective navigation, seamless integration of branding elements, and optimized performance. Additionally, every pricing plan comes standard with SEO optimization.
        • How do I sign up for AvallonOne's web design services?
          Before you purchase a website, you must create an AvallonOne account. To create your account, you can simply click here!
        • Is there a free trial available for AvallonOne's web design services?
          Unfortunately, we do not offer a free trial at this time. However, we can provide you with a portfolio of our past projects and references to showcase our expertise and capabilities. Click here to view our portfolio!
        • Is there a limit on the number of websites that I can purchase from AvallonOne?
          At this time, only one website can be developed per account. However, you can create as many AvallonOne accounts as you wish with different emails. So to create another website with us, simply create another AvallonOne account with a different email, and then you're good to go!
        • Can I upgrade or downgrade my website later?
          Yes, we understand that your business's needs can change over time. We offer flexibility to upgrade your website. Just reach out to your developer, and he/she will assist you accordingly.
        • What payment methods does AvallonOne accept?
          We accept online debit and credit card payments through our payment portal, which is shown to you during the checkout process.
        • Is my payment information secure with AvallonOne?
          Absolutely! AvallonOne takes the security of your payment information seriously. We utilize industry-standard encryption and secure protocols to ensure that your payment details are protected.
        • Can I cancel my project with AvallonOne?
          Yes, you can cancel your project with AvallonOne. However, please note that cancellation terms and fees may apply depending on the stage of the project. To cancel your web design project, please reach out to our team to understand the specifics.
        • Do you offer refunds if I'm not satisfied with the web design services provided by AvallonOne?
          At AvallonOne, we strive to ensure client satisfaction. If you have concerns or are not completely satisfied with our services, we encourage you to reach out to our team. We will work with you to address any issues and find a suitable solution.
        • Can AvallonOne's web design services be integrated with other software or platforms?
          Yes, we can integrate your website with various software or platforms depending on your requirements. Please note that any type of 3rd-party software integration must align with your purchased package in order to be integrated into your site.
        • Do AvallonOne's web design services include mobile optimization and responsiveness?
          Yes! We ensure that the websites we create are responsive and optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless user experience across different screen sizes.
        • How often will AvallonOne update my website?
          Please note that if you purchase a web design package from AvallonOne, this only includes the one-time design and development of your website. This does not include the on-going operation, maintenance, and improvement of your site, which is available separately in the form of a maintenance/update plan. These plans are available to you after you have purchased a web design package. If you already have a web maintenance plan, the frequency in which we update your site is completely up to you! You tell us what you want on your site, and we update your site on an as-needed basis. More info on these maintenance plans can be found here!
        • Is there a limit on the amount of data or storage I can use on my website developed by AvallonOne?
          The amount of data or storage that can be used on each website is dependent on the web design package you have chosen. Click here to see more details.
        • Are there any restrictions on the usage of AvallonOne's web design services?
          AvallonOne's web design services are intended for legitimate business purposes. We expect clients to adhere to ethical and legal standards when using our services. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue services if they violate our terms of service or acceptable use policy.
        • Is AvallonOne compliant with data protection regulations?
          AvallonOne takes data protection and privacy seriously. We strive to comply with relevant data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We implement security measures and follow industry best practices to safeguard the personal information collected through our services.
        • Who owns the website that is created by AvallonOne?
          The ownership of the website created by AvallonOne is determined by the subscription agreement. As a subscription-based service, the client owns the website on the condition that all payments are made as per the agreed-upon terms. Upon completion of payment, the client retains full ownership of the website and its associated intellectual property. However, it is important to note that if the subscription plan is unilaterally canceled by the client and they fail to fulfill their payment obligations, AvallonOne reserves the right to retain ownership of the website and all intellectual property related to it until all outstanding payments are settled. Once all payments are made, the client regains full ownership of the website.
        • What kind of customer support does AvallonOne provide?
          AvallonOne provides dedicated customer support to assist you throughout your web design project. We offer timely responses to your queries, regular project updates, and ongoing support even after your website is launched and out of our hands. You can find more details about our customer support at our "Customer Support" Page.
        • How quickly can I expect a response from AvallonOne's support team?
          AvallonOne aims to provide prompt and efficient support to our clients. You can typically expect a response from our support team within one business day. However, during peak periods, it may take slightly longer, but we strive to address all inquiries as quickly as possible.
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